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Web DevelopmentWordPressJuly 22, 2021

What You Need to Know About Backing Up Your WordPress Website

Backing up your website is part of regular website maintenance. In case your website crashes due to malware or faulty plugins, you can restore your pages using a copy of its content and code. Keep reading to learn more about backing up your website and how to do it.

by: Kyle Rombaoa
DesignNewsWeb DevelopmentJuly 15, 2021

Understanding Online Sales Funnels and How to Make Them

An online sales funnel illustrates how a casual visitor is converted into a paying customer. It serves as a guide on what marketing strategies to employ and what else can be improved. Keep reading to learn more about sales funnels and how you can create your own.

by: MC Rogado
CMSMagentoOutsourcingWeb ApplicationsWeb DevelopmentWordPressJuly 8, 2021

15-Point Website Maintenance Checklist

Website maintenance is the process of updating software and content on a website. It keeps pages fresh and competitive on the world wide web. In this blog, we prepared a list of tasks you need to accomplish to keep your site in top shape.

by: Jymyl Bandong
Web DevelopmentJuly 1, 2021

10 Ways to Optimize Landing Pages for Higher Conversion Rates

Landing pages are standalone web pages used to trigger immediate action from visitors. They are extensions of marketing efforts to generate leads and drive up sales. Learn 10 ways to optimize your landing pages and boost conversion rates in this blog.

by: Ivan Bergonia
Web DevelopmentJune 24, 2021

7 Website Metrics and Why They Matter

Understanding and monitoring key website metrics is crucial in growing a website. They inform marketing campaigns, content creation, and technical website optimizations. We’ve listed 7 of the most important website metrics to boost conversions. Keep reading to learn what they are.

by: Kyle Rombaoa
DesignWeb DesignWeb DevelopmentJune 17, 2021

45 Web Design and Development Terms Everyone Should Know

When you’re working with web developers and designers, it’s important to be able to understand what they’re saying. It’s a difficult task, considering it’s such a technical field. In this blog, we defined 45 terms that everyone should know.

by: Daniel Corpuz
CMSMagentoOutsourcingWeb ApplicationsWeb DevelopmentWordPressJune 10, 2021

10-Point Website Launch Checklist

Website launches are crucial to forming brand trust. While it’s rare to get everything right on the first try, there are some non-negotiable features that need to run smoothly as soon as you go live. Check out our 10-point website launch checklist to guide you before publishing your web pages.

by: Kyle Rombaoa
CMSOutsourcingWeb ApplicationsWeb DevelopmentJune 3, 2021

7 Javascript Frameworks and their Advantages

Choosing the right framework is a crucial step to ensure websites and applications run smoothly. In this blog, we look at seven of the best JavaScript frameworks, their advantages, and use cases.

by: Jymyl Bandong
CMSDesignMagentoOutsourcingWeb DesignWeb DevelopmentWordPressMay 20, 2021

How The Web Works: Understanding Webpages, Websites, and Search Engines

The web works by a series of complex events involving the client, web server, and IPS. As a web developer, it’s important to know how data flows and is eventually rendered. In this blog, we tackle those steps plus the relationship between websites, web pages, and search engines.

by: Ivan Bergonia